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Save the Bees - Conservation Support

The life of the bee is a critical cog in the biodiversity of the food chain ecosystem. The life of the Apis Dorsata is under constant threat as areas of there habitat continue to be destroyed as massive amounts of forest have been cleared by loggers and developers. Apis Lux is working closely with Government departments and Planters, in Malaysia, to engineer and support ongoing efforts to protect the land as well as provide specific food sources for the Apis Dorsata to ensure conservation. This undertaking requires a great deal of coordination between replanting, forest management and bee tracking to ensure that population habitat and population goals are achieved. Your ongoing support is incredibly useful.  To that end, Suzi Chua a world renown wildlife artist, has been commissioned to help raise awareness and funds to keep the wheels of bee conservation spinning in the right direction. 100% of every purchase goes directly toward supporting conservation efforts through the purchase of specific food source trees desired by the Apis Dorsata and ongoing observation and management of the habitat. 

If you have interest in these works of art, please let us know and we can discuss availability, shipping and logistics.

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